Mary Brewster

We are honored to have Mary Brewster, President of Healing Arts Institute, Inc. on board at KIDSPACE.  Mary is a counselor, massage therapist and creator of the Stewardship Project which works primarily out of the Tolland office (The Sanctuary).  She is often the fuel that keeps the fire burning for all of us. To quote Mary:

“So while many things have changed and evolved over one’s lifetime, it’s reassuring to see acts of kindness, the gathering of communal talents and energy still focused on being there for one another.  ‘Never pass up an opportunity to do a kindness.’ And ‘Hospitality is your most treasured gift.’  This advice was from my dear grandmother whose grandmother was a full-blooded Mohawk Indian from Vermont. When we arrived at her farmhouse it was always ‘Do you want something to eat?’ and when we left, ‘Do you have enough money for gas?’ Always good food, good company, and great kindness.  I maintain the Stewardship Project in her honor.”